Process Operator / Processoperatör to Biotech company in Stockholm

Process Operator / Processoperatör to Biotech company in Stockholm

Do you have an interest for working in production for the Life Science industry? Here is an opportunity where you can work for an innovative biotech company!

Academic Resource is searching for a Process Operator to our client, a Biotech company in Stockholm. The position is a long-term consultant assignment, which means you will be employed by Academic Resource. Start as soon as possible or according to agreements.

• Previous work experience in either academic or life science industry, with of large-scale production using cells and bioreactor.
• Good knowledge of English both spoken and in writing. Knowledge of Swedish is a plus.

It is considered meritorious if you have:
• Previous experience working with GMP/QMS system and documentation.
• Previous experience working with mammalian cells.
• Experience in biotechnological production of recombinant proteins, aseptic working technique, cleanrooms.
• Previous experience working with midstream or downstream processing.

As a consultant at Academic Resource you are offered:
• Benefits such as occupational pension, health care allowance and parental pay.
• An authorized staffing company, which means much greater security, as you are covered by the terms of the collective agreement for, for example, salary, insurance, pension and vacation.
• A committed consultant manager who is available and keeps contact with you and the client companies throughout your employment, who ensures that you enjoy and develop in your workplace!
• Opportunity to develop through learning on the job as well as in varied roles at interesting client companies.

Selection and interviews will be ongoing. The position may be filled before the last day of application therefore we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. Mark your application with reference number: BPO0623

Questions are answered via email by:

Please note that we do not accept applications via email / e-mail.

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