Machine Assembler to Industrial Company Jungner Machines in Nacka

Machine Assembler to Industrial Company Jungner Machines in Nacka

Would you like to be a part of a journey with a state of the art industrial company that is currently in an expansion phase? Here you are offered a versatile and technical assembler position with good development opportunities for an established company that is market and world leading in its field!

Academic Resource is searching for a Machine Assembler for our client, the industrial company Jungner Machines. The position is a full-time position and is a direct recruitment on behalf of our client. Location is in Saltsjö-Boo, Nacka.

About Jungner Machines
Jungner Machines is a Swedish company just outside Stockholm that manufactures CNC-controlled tool grinding machines with very high precision. The company was founded as early as 1910 and has been manufacturing grinding machines since 1940.
With very long experience in building machines and deep knowledge of software development they deliver a unique product. Jungner Machines are machine builders who work closely with their customers and participate in every step of the process.

Areas of responsibility:
• Assembly of machines and adaptation of parts for assembly.
• Actively participate in improving products.
• Participate in the development of new machine models.

In the role of Machine Assembler, you will work on site at Jungner Machines, where you will belong to a group of 8 other employees. Further on in the work, there will be the opportunity to be involved in future service assignments, both within and outside the country.

• Previous experience in machine assembly or work experience from a mechanical workshop. Alternatively, vocational training in relevant field.
• Good language skills in English.

It is considered meritorious with:
• Previous experience with turning, milling, drilling or grinding.
• Knowledge of pneumatics, hydraulics or electronics.
• Experience with CNC controlled machine tools.
• Education in relevant field.
• Drivers license.
• Good language skills in Swedish.

Personality traits:
We would like you to be a positive person with a lot of will and drive who shows great commitment. Also, a measure of entrepreneurship as you will become part of a small organization where you may need to help everywhere. Structure is important and being quality conscious in everything you do.

What do we offer you at Jungner Machines?
• Opportunity to work at an established company that is currently in a development and expansion phase.
• Opportunity to work for a company that is market- and world leading in its field.
• Opportunity to work for a company that develops state-of-the-art technology.
• Opportunity to work for a company with a friendly work culture with high technical competence.
• A versatile and technical assembler position, with good development opportunities within the company.

Selection and interviews will be ongoing. The position may be filled before the last day of application therefore we recommend that you apply as soon as possible. Mark your application with reference number: JMM1023

Questions are answered via email by:

Please note that we do not accept applications via email / e-mail.

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